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ISHA Learning Books 

Training and Learning Books from ISHA Learning Created by the best teams of Academics,Industry Experts and Instructional Designers. 

ISHA Learning Books

ISHA Learning offers Trainee Study Books,Trainer Guides, Assessment Books and Assignment Books to make the training + learning process more effective.

Books are available in about 20 languages.

An indicative list of processes covered in these books can be seen below.

  • Apparel Production Management
  • Apparel Product Development
  • Apparel Merchandising Management
  • Merchandising Calculations for the apparel industry
  • Pattern Design, Grading and Marker Planning using CAD
  • Automated Cut Planning using Cut Planner software
  • Apparel Sector: Assignments and Assessments
  • Sewing Machine Operation: Basic
  • Sewing Machine Operation: Advanced
  • Quality Checking
  • Finishing and Packing

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